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Goal Setting – Be SMART

Updated: Jan 8

Here’s something to think about it…

It’s a brand new year and many people are setting goals! Fun fact I read in an Inc. Fast Company article, “People with written goals are 42% more likely to succeed than people with unwritten goals.” So, write them down and I highly recommend being SMART about them. Many have heard the term SMART goals but just in case here’s a refresher:

  • Specific: Goals should be clear and well-defined. They should answer the questions: What exactly do you want to achieve? Why is it important? How will you accomplish it?

  • Measurable: Goals should be quantifiable and have specific metrics or indicators that allow you to track progress and determine if the goal has been achieved.

  • Achievable (Attainable): Goals should be realistic and attainable. They should be challenging but within reach, considering available resources, time, and other constraints.

  • Relevant (Relevant): Goals should align with the overall mission, vision, and objectives of the individual, team, or organization. They should be meaningful and directly contribute to the desired outcomes.

  • Time-bound (Timely): Goals should have a clearly defined time frame or deadline for completion. This provides a sense of urgency and helps in prioritizing efforts.

So, my question to you:

  • What SMART goal are you setting in 2024?

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