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How do I Build Relationships with Others?

Let’s think about it…

Some struggle with how to do this and I often find myself advising others that you don’t have to be “best friends” with everyone at work and take annual vacations together to have a relationship with them…Building relationships is not about that… It’s about getting to know others at a more personal level rather than interacting with them in a transactional manner. Ask personal questions - not intrusive ones, ones that are open ended showing you have a general interest in that person. It can be as simple as saying “What plans do you have for the weekend” rather than “How was your weekend.” The latter question is often answered with “it was good” which doesn’t give us much insight about another person’s interests and doesn’t help build a mutually satisfying relationship with them. Remember in most roles and situations, we rely on others to do our job. To be the most successful as we can, taking the time to build these connections is imperative. To learn other strategies, please reach out to chat.

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