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The Advice Trap - Three Personas of the Advice Monster

Here’s something to think about it… 


In Michael Stanier’s book, “The Advice Trap,” he discusses the three personas of the Advice Monster – Tell-It, Save-It, and Control-It. Here’s how he sums them up in a couple sentences each: 

  • You must have the answer! If you don’t Tell-It, nothing will get solved and we’ll fail. 

  • You must be responsible for it all! If you don’t Save-It and rescue everyone and everything, we’ll fail. 

  • You must stay in control! If you don’t Control-It and mange it all, we’ll fail.  

You typically have a default monster; any way you slice it, it’s not the best path to leading others. As Stanier says, we should be humble (aka no Advice Monster), stay curious, and change the way we lead forever. 


My question to you: What’s your default Advice Monster persona? 



Watch Video Here (39 seconds):   


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