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What Reduces the Odds of Long-Term Success?

Let’s think about it…

I came across this list when I was reading the Farnam Street (FS) Sunday Brain Food weekly newsletter:

“Things that reduce the odds of long-term success:

  • A lack of focus.

  • Making excuses.

  • Staying up late.

  • Eating poorly.

  • Checking email first thing in the AM.

  • Working more to fix being busy.

  • Buying things you don't have the money for.

  • Focusing on yourself.

  • Letting other people define success for you.

  • The wrong relationships.

  • A lack of patience.”

I work with Organizations to help their employees achieve long-term success and with Individuals to help them thrive. If you are ready, please reach out to chat.

👇 Drop a comment – What else would you add to this list?

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