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What’s a tip on building your Stress Tolerance EQ leadership skill?

Let’s think about it…

It depends on how often you use your stress tolerance EQ Leadership skills… Before we dive in, lets refresh our memory on what flexing these skills may look like: uses a variety of coping strategies to deal with stress; optimistic toward change; manages emotions under stress; resilient; able to remain composed when times get tough.

To learn more about your own stress tolerance, you can take an EQ self-assessment or EQ 360 assessment. With this information, we would have a ton of information to customize a plan to develop your leadership skills.

Tip, generally speaking: if you frequently use your stress tolerance skills, then leverage your EQ skills. Your ability to withstand and cope with high levels of stress often puts you at an advantage. However, your colleagues may not be as well-equipped to handle the same frequency and intensity of stressors that you can.

  • Leverage your other EQ skills, especially your interpersonal skills, to determine if the people you work with are not coping well with the same demands you are.

  • When a new task is added to your team’s priorities, suggest taking five minutes at the next meeting to talk about some proactive steps that you can take as a group to alleviate any associated stress.

Tip, generally speaking: if you don’t use your stress tolerance skills that often, then find control. Perceiving that you have control over a situation is one of the greatest alleviators of stress and its harmful side effects (e.g., high blood pressure).

  • Coping strategies will help arm you with personal control and power over stress. Research coping strategies that you see your peers use and keep a log of all strategies you can use to combat your next stressful situation.

  • Having a physical reference point, like this list of strategies, will help give you control by providing you with a choice of coping options.

To learn additional tips and tricks on how to enhance your stress tolerance and other EQ leadership skills and to learn more about EQ Coaching and EQ assessments, please reach out to chat.

*Tips from MHS Assessments


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