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Why Should I Write Down My Triggers?

Let’s think about it…

There are many ways that writing down your triggers could benefit you. I’d like to focus on doing this in the context of helping with impulses. So often we find ourselves itching to jump in to make a point and later wishing we had a do over. This speaks to our ability of impulse control. A good way to help understand your impulses is to conduct an impulse inventory. Reflect on the last few weeks and write down instances where you weren’t able to control your impulses. Note the emotions you were feeling and what triggered them (e.g., stress, a specific person or personality, a specific subject matter, being caught off guard, not being prepared for the meeting). This process will help create awareness for you to better understand your impulses and help you prepare for similar circumstances in the future if they are unavoidable.

👇 Drop a comment – How do you deal with an impulse to act?

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