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Why Should you Lead Your Organization with Heart?

Let’s think about it…

On Tuesday, I posted an awesome quote from Betty Bender:

“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.”

We are all human beings – we aren’t one person at work and another at home. So leaders should lead with their heart and create that environment that allows others to do the same. I’m not talking about sitting around and singing kumbaya, hugging each other all day, and crying in a group circle…I’m talking about being a human being and showing people you care about them. Employees look to be seen, heard, and understood. When this happens, the magic happens where employees are engaged and in turn, the organization thrives.

I help Organizations inspire confidence back into their team for innovation and growth. I help Organizations design and implement a system that fosters and protects a strong culture where employees are heard and understood from leadership down. In doing so, individual team members can gain confidence to bravely introduce innovative ideas and grow the company. If you are ready to get started, please reach out to chat.

Watch Video Here (49 seconds):


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