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Wondering what different career paths and journeys people take to achieve their success?

As I’ve interviewed leaders within our CPA profession, I have recognized there are many different career paths and journeys that people take to achieve their success. Check out some of them in my KYCPA Journal article, Career Paths and Journeys, online!

Thank you for all of you who shared your journeys to make this article happen!

  • Amy Vetter, CPA, CEO of The B3 Method Institute

  • Esther Thompson-Long, CPA, manager fuels accounting & administration at LG&E & KU

  • Jessica McClain, CPA, CISA, PMP, CGFM, and Controller of Brand USA

  • Kevin Oakley, CPA, CGMA, CCP, Director of State Taxes, Fruit of the Loom

  • Kimberly N Ellison-Taylor’s, CPA, CGMA, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of KET Solutions, LLC

  • Lisa Wilson, CPA, CGMA, Chief Financial Officer, LockNet

  • Olivia N. Davis, CPA, lecturer at the University of Kentucky

  • Olivia Kirtley CPA, CGMA, Corporate Director and Consultant Kirtley & Associates

  • Sarah Elliott, CPA, PCC, executive leadership coach and co-Founder of Intend2Lead

  • Susan Stutzel, CPA, President, S Stutzel Coaching

  • Tommye Brie, CPA, Executive Vice President of Leadership Development of Succession Institute, LLC

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