• a highly energetic, caring facilitator to support the delivery, application, & sustainability of your leadership courses?

  • to teach your managers, aka the next generation of leaders, what it truly means to manage and lead others?



  • get a facilitator who cares about the education, retention, and transfer of the learning process in order for the participants and organization to realize maximum results.

  • get customized leadership courses based on skill development priorities.

We can customize leadership courses to be relevant to your company.  Let’s chat regarding your unique business needs, wants, and expectations.

Check out some of the career and leadership areas I facilitate training on below.  

Intro to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Effective Decision-Making Skills

Happiness, Resiliency, Leadership, and Performance - What do all of these have in Common?

Emotional Intelligence.

The Emotionally Effective Leader

Building Your Personal Brand

Motivating and Coaching

your Employees

Communicating and Giving Feedback Effectively

Overcoming Your Inner

Debbie Downer

Why do People Make Unethical Decisions: A Deep Dive into Biases, Pressures, and Situational Factors affecting Many

EQ – A Competitive Edge for Certified Public Accountants / Internal Auditors / Compliance Professionals

Business Etiquette

Job Hunting During a Pandemic

Interviewing Tips & Tricks

College Audiences:

  • Emotional intelligence (EQ) – A Competitive Edge for Students & Professionals

  • Transformative Leadership: What it Takes to Keep up, Stand Out, and Transform Yourself for Today’s Workplace

  • Steps to Success



​Does your company use Development Dimensions International (DDI) content and need an experienced facilitator? 

If so, look no further!  I have participated in several DDI courses over the past 14 years and am a Certified DDI Facilitator. Contact me for further details.


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"Aside from excellent communication skills, best-in-class facilitation requires great energy, business / industry relevant experience, and content expertise. Jaclyn has mastered the art and science of facilitation by flawlessly blending these together to deliver highly effective training sessions enjoyed by all who participate."

 -Senior Program Manager –

Learning and Development,

Global Public Company


Career and Leadership Area

Topic / Course Descriptions (excerpt)

Intro to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Are you looking for some guidance on how to better communicate, work with people, make decisions, or manage stress? Maybe you've heard of the buzz phrase "Emotional Intelligence" and don't really know what that means or how it relates to you? Whatever your purpose, we've got you covered!  EQ has been found to be directly responsible for between 27-45% of job success, depending on the field (while on the other hand, studies show IQ, for example, predicts an average of 6% of success).  After this session, you’ll have a better understanding of EQ and walk away with tips on how to increase your usage of some EQ skills to improve your personal and professional life!

Happiness, Resiliency, Leadership, and Performance - What do all of these have in Common? Emotional Intelligence.

Research shows people with high usage of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills are happier, more resilient when facing obstacles, better leaders, and stronger performers.  In the workplace, EQ is the largest predictor of job success! It is estimated to account for 27 to 45% of job success, depending on the role, while IQ only accounts for an average of 6%.  Discover more about EQ, Learn general well-being practices to improve your overall happiness, and practice tips to increase your usage of some EQ skills to improve your happiness, resiliency, leadership skills, and overall performance in your personal and professional life!

The Emotionally Effective Leader* (typically a full day course where participants take an  EQ-i 2.0® Leadership Assessment)
 An organization’s success rests on the ability of its leaders.  True leaders, no matter their level – supervisors, managers, or CEOs – see their role as far more than mere managers and task distributors.  A successful leader is dedicated to being committed, collaborative, nurturing talent, developing skills, fostering relationships, and much more.  To achieve this success, it’s imperative that you develop your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
Leveraging results from leaders’ EQ-i 2.0® Leadership Reports, participants of this session will learn the importance of emotional intelligence in effective leadership and leave with a better understanding of their strengths and areas to develop to enhance leadership skills, as well as an action plan on how to increase effectiveness.

*Course customized to address your Company’s needs and based on resources from MHS and the book “The EQ Leader”

Effective Decision-Making Skills
"You cannot make progress without making decisions."  This quote from author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn is a good reminder that decisions are part of moving yourself and an organization forward.  But let’s face it, many people struggle with making effective decisions. Sometimes they don't look at things in an objective light, sometimes they shoot from the hip too often or freeze up and can't find a path forward, or they may not even have a systematic process to think through how to solve a problem in the first place.  We know that at some point in your personal and professional lives, you will have to make a decision.  

Building Your Personal Brand

One of the most important aspects of growing you career is intentionally building your personal brand.  In this course, we will explore what a personal brand is, why you should focus on it, and how to do it.

Motivating and Coaching your Employees

For leaders to fully position their company for long-term success, they must realize their employees are the #1 asset.  Leaders need to invest in their employees by motivating and coaching them to reach their full potential.  This can only be achieved by creating a safe and trusting space in which employees feel comfortable talking with their leaders about individual, department, and organization matters.  In this session, we will explore effective techniques to motivate and coach your employees and ways to build a safe and trusted space for your employees.

Communicating and Giving Feedback Effectively

Communication plays an imperative role in an organization meeting its strategic objectives, being able to adapt to changes, and strengthening its connection with its employees. However, many leaders struggle with how to communicate and give feedback effectively within their organization. They assume their employees already understand why decisions have been made, what their expectations are, and how they are performing. Meanwhile, employees are left floundering and not performing to their fullest potential. In this session, we will explore best practices in communicating and giving feedback to improve individual, department, and organizational performance.

Overcoming Your Inner Debbie Downer 

Learn Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and well-being techniques to overcome day-to-day stresses and persist in your personal and professional life.

Why do People Make Unethical Decisions: A Deep Dive into Biases, Pressures, and Situational Factors affecting Many(Behavioral Ethics)

Leaders are inevitably faced with ethical quandaries – especially in today’s globally connected world. Effective leaders need to know how to navigate ethical challenges successfully. In this webinar, we will explore the world of behavioral ethics – biases, pressures, and situational factors - that affect many in their daily ethical decision making.


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