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Leadership Course Facilitation: Service




  • a highly energetic, caring facilitator to support the delivery, application, & sustainability of your leadership courses?

  • to teach your managers, aka the next generation of leaders, what it truly means to manage and lead others?

  • get a facilitator who cares about the education, retention, and transfer of the learning process in order for the participants and organization to realize maximum results.

  • get customized leadership courses based on skill development priorities.

We can customize leadership courses to be relevant to your company.  Let’s chat regarding your unique business needs, wants, and expectations.

Check out the Leadership Program Pathways we offer:

Personal & Professional Growth & Development

Supervisor / Manager

Experienced Leader

For ALL experience levels

Leadership Competencies Covered (excerpt):

Emotional Intelligence; Communication; Empathy; Trust; Interpersonal Relationships; Ownership; Well-being/Happiness; Accountability; Self-Leadership; Digital Body Language; Behavioral Ethics


Example Courses:

  • EQ: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

  • Overcoming Your Inner Debbie Downer

  • Put Away the Magic 8-Ball and Start Making Intelligent Decisions

  • Digital Body Language: Punctuation, Channels, and Emojis, Oh My!

  • Step Out of the Shadows and Shape Your Career Path

Minimum experience level: Soon to be / newer Supervisor or Manager


Leadership Competencies Covered (excerpt):

Emotional Intelligence; Leadership; Responsibility; Expectation Setting; SMART Goals; Delegation; Conflict Management; Motivation; Coaching for Development; Feedback; Effective Meeting Management


Example Courses:

  • The Coaching Habit: A Good Addiction

  • Did We Just Become Best Friends?

  • It's Time to Remove the Earplugs!

  • Who Do you Want in Your Foxhole?

  • Lead Effective Meetings by Being a Meeting Ninja

Minimum experience level: 8 years


Leadership Competencies Covered (excerpt):

Emotional Intelligence (advanced); Employee Engagement; Managing Managers; Vision Sharing; Idea Development; Change Management; Collaboration; Cross Functional Collaboration

Example Courses:

  • Harness the Power of an Emotionally Effective Leader

  • Employee Engagement - The 5 Needs and The 12 Statements

  • Organizational Strategy and Innovation



​Does your company use Development Dimensions International (DDI) content and need an experienced facilitator?

If so, look no further as I am a Certified DDI Facilitator! Contact me for further details.


Rick Grant, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Kentucky Primary Care Association

Jaclyn played an instrumental role in helping our executive team navigate a very difficult transition. From corporate structure to employee culture, she made sure we stayed focused on the important matters. When we needed support, she propped us up. When we needed to be challenged, she was the dissenting voice in the room. Our organization has a much brighter future because she was involved. I recommend her highly!

Susan Douglas
Chief Executive Officer

Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council

Jaclyn's coaching has been truly rewarding. Running a leadership development organization can be tough if we are not also focused on our own personal and professional development. Jaclyn is positive, enthusiastic, and supportive. From group facilitation with the leadership team to one-on-one’s, Jaclyn helps us find, in ourselves, the courage and confidence to listen, lead, problem-solve, and own our path forward together. Most of all we have fun, learn from one another and enjoy our work. Thank you to Jaclyn for supporting a dynamic team and evolving culture where growth-mindsets are nurtured and possibility thinking is encouraged.

Melissa McCarey
SPHR, Vice President, Global Human Resources

Meridian Bioscience

Jaclyn consulted our Organization to develop Global Leadership Attributes as a framework for managing performance, coaching, and development.  She took the time to understand the history of our Founder Culture, and significant changes that have occurred during our 43 years of history to include several acquisitions.  Jaclyn worked closely with our CEO and myself to develop tools that link to our overall strategy and people strategy.
Her business acumen, communication, and coaching experience have been valuable to us in launching this Global initiative to create consistent Leadership language across multiple global sites.  We were so impressed that we have engaged her for an Executive Coaching assignment. Jaclyn is extremely positive, insightful, and mindful on all fronts, which makes her an absolute pleasure to engage with on critical topics.

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