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  • a keynote speaker to spark energy and inspiration within your organization?

  • someone to speak about emotional intelligence, leadership, or steps to career success?

  • get a dynamic & passionate speaker.

  • get someone who partners with you to understand audience needs and draw from complex experience and expertise to tailor the keynote speech.

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Whether it’s a keynote or breakout session speaker you need, let’s chat so I can understand your unique needs, wants, and expectations.

Check out two of my Keynotes below.

Please reach out for additional information including other topic areas that I speak on.

Humanizing Leadership through the MILE™ Method

Gallup Inc. believes “employee engagement remains an essential requirement for producing high-quality work. The organizations that learn to develop a culture of engagement and high performance have a competitive edge, positioning them for success regardless of the changes they encounter.” Many organizations struggle with building such culture because they are stuck in old ways of management, in survival mode, or just don’t know where to start. Join the discussion about Motivating, Inspiring, Leading, and Empowering (MILE™) your people to spark confidence for innovation and growth.


EQ: Where the Rubber Meets the Road!

Did you know that emotional intelligence (EQ) is the largest predictor of job success no matter your field?  To truly excel as a leader and gain a competitive edge for you and your company, you need to understand your EQ and take small steps every day to constantly evolve.  Join me to explore the world of EQ and learn how you can elevate your day-to-day interactions to go the extra MILE™.


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