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How do I become a Contributing Member to my Team?

Let’s think about it…

Being a team player has many ripple effects including building camaraderie, inspiring others to keep achieving new heights, and even personal satisfaction. But sometimes, you may have someone that constantly places their individual needs ahead of the teams. Losing sight of the team or organization’s goals and broader vision may compromise your ability to effectively contribute to the greater good.

To build this leadership skill (i.e. social responsibility), make sure your individual goals connect in with the team’s and organization’s goals and vision. If there are team or organizational goals you disagree with, start to break them down. Which ones do you agree with but think they don’t align with the overall organization’s goals? Start to come up with the potential barriers you see and think of solutions you can bring to the team to evaluate and discuss together. Remember to practice empathy and active listening to make sure you understand other’s points of views along the process.

👇 Drop a comment – What are some ways you have contributed to your team?

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