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How do you lead if you don’t have a leader as a boss?

Let’s think about it…

There have been times when I have been asked for advice about what to do in a situation where someone’s boss didn’t “get it” aka didn’t have strong EQ/leadership skills, only cared about the bottom line, the boss turned 1 on 1s into talking about themselves, etc. Simon Sinek’s sit down with AICPA President Barry Melancon, “Why Middle Management is the Hardest Job,” has a powerful message to address this - “Be the Leader You Wish You Had.”

This is a powerful message but it can be challenging, especially if you don’t have support. If you need help navigating these waters, please reach out to chat about our Coaching program.

👇 Drop a comment - What characteristics should a leader have?

Watch Video Here (53 seconds):


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