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**Interviewing Tips Alert**

Continuing to share - I was recently on a “Job Hunting During a Pandemic” panel sharing tips on resumes and interviewing based on my experience of reviewing thousands of resumes and conducting hundreds of interviews over my career. Here are 3 additional Interviewing Tips:

1. Ask about Training & Development Opportunities

  • Seeking an understanding about what training and development opportunities the company has shows that you are interested in learning how to do your job and growing through your career.

  • You could specifically ask about resources to develop your business acumen within the company also.

2. A couple “pet peeves” from some Interviewers

  • Don’t say “that’s a good question” to the interviewer in response to them asking a question. Think of an alternative way to respond without coming across as you are validating the interviewer’s capability or surprised they could ask something insightful.

3. Don’t assume

  • I once had an interviewee (after 5 minutes into the interview) say they know I like work life balance because of my children (FYI-I don’t have children, I had pictures in my office of my nieces) but also want to work hard because of my career ambitions (I didn’t even share anything about my work ethic or career ambitions and didn’t know this person… AND this was pre-social media for me).

  • Making assumptions by looking around someone’s office and assuming different characteristics or goals by their position, doesn’t always work out they way you intend. Instead, ask questions to get to understand the interviewer’s and company’s values, strategies, and goals.

To learn additional tips for your resume, job hunting, and interviewing and more about Coaching, please reach out to chat.

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