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**Virtual Interviewing Tips Alert**

Wrapping up this series with Tip #10 - I was recently on a “Job Hunting During a Pandemic” panel sharing tips on resumes and interviewing based on my experience of reviewing thousands of resumes and conducting hundreds of interviews over my career. Here are 3 additional Virtual Interviewing Tips:

1. Appearance

  • Think about what you would do if you were in person – would you wear professional, nice clothes and fix your hair? If so, you should do the same for a virtual interview.

2. Nod/Wave

  • An in-person interview typically includes a few handshakes. Since that’s not an option with virtual interviewing, give a little wave or a nod at the beginning and ending of the meeting.

3. Body language

  • Pay attention to your body language just like you would with an in-person interview.

  • Look directly into the camera, maintain eye contact, smile, and look engaged and attentive.

  • Bonus-If you are recording an interview like so many people are experiencing for the first time, it’s good to be aware that the computer systems are programmed to read your body language, check to see if you are maintaining eye contact, and listen for keywords.

To learn additional tips for your resume, job hunting, and interviewing and more about Coaching, please reach out to chat.

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