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What’s a tip on building your Interpersonal Relationships EQ leadership skill?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Let’s think about it…

It depends on how often you use your interpersonal relationships EQ Leadership skills…

Before we dive in, lets refresh our memory on what flexing these skills may look like: ability to establish mutually satisfying relationships; feels at ease in social situations; maintains relationships over time.

To learn more about your own interpersonal relationships, you can take an EQ self-assessment or EQ 360 assessment. With this information, we would have a ton of information to customize a plan to develop your leadership skills.

Tip, generally speaking: if you frequently use your interpersonal relationships skills, then you are likely heavily invested in making your relationships work. You should determine if you or your relationships are suffering as a result of withholding your true thoughts and emotions (particularly if you are high in Empathy and low in Assertiveness).

Tip, generally speaking: if you don’t use your interpersonal relationships skills that often, then you may be seen as too preoccupied with your work to engage in personal conversation, missing the chance to get to know others, and their expertise and talents. Try being more personal in small ways – ask open ended questions instead of close ended ones to allow the other person to open up more.

To learn additional tips and tricks on how to enhance your interpersonal relationships and other EQ leadership skills and to learn more about EQ Coaching and EQ assessments, please reach out to chat.

*Tips from MHS Assessments


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