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Do you have a process for how you solve problems?

Let’s think about it…

Many may have not really thought of solving processes in a systematic way. Sometimes you just naturally jump into that mode. To maximize your efficiency and effectiveness of solving problems, you need a process and need to be aware of what could be holding you back during this process.

The Problem Solving leadership skill (within the Decision Making behavior measured in the EQ-i 2.0 tool) according to the book The EQ Edge, “is the ability to find solutions to problems in situations where emotions are involved, and to understand how emotions impact decision making. Problem solving is associated with being conscientious, disciplined, methodical, and systematic in preserving and approaching problems. This skill is also linked to the desire to do one’s best and to confront problems, rather than avoid them.”

We may not have all the answers but one thing we do know is that at some point in your personal and professional lives, you will have to solve a problem! To learn some tips and tricks on how to build your Problem Solving skills and to learn more about EQ Coaching, please reach out to chat.

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