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How do I Strengthen my Team?

Let’s think about it…

My Coachees and I often discuss strengthening their team and there are many ways you can do this. For this blog, we are focusing on increasing a leader’s social responsibility emotional intelligence leadership skill by coaching. Real success comes from helping your team members reach their potential. Therefore, start with reflecting on each of your team members. List their current responsibilities and their strengths and reflect on how you may be able to help them. The key here is to meet with each of them individually and ask them what support they need from you in order to fulfill their responsibilities. Even though you’ve brainstormed on how to potentially help them, don’t assume these are all the perfect solutions for them. Ask them the question and then listen. This process will give you valuable insight into if you were on the right track with your original thinking. Also, make sure you follow-up with them on the support they requested and coach them through achieving their goals.

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