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**Job Hunting Tips Alert**

Continuing to share - I was recently on a “Job Hunting During a Pandemic” panel sharing tips on resumes and interviewing based on my experience of reviewing thousands of resumes and conducting hundreds of interviews over my career. Here are 3 Job hunting Tips:

1. Networking

  • I read a recent survey that said ~80% of job openings don’t get posted – this confirms that networking is key!

  • If you build genuine relationships with people, your network may be able to help connect you with other people and companies when you are in need.

  • Networking could lead to a higher chance of landing an interview and even getting to know more about a company and it’s culture prior to working there.

2. Recruiter

  • I would highly recommend working with a recruiter based on the fact above that most job openings don’t get posted. Often a company will conduct a search only through a recruiter.

  • Find a recruiter who understands your field of interest and is a good fit with who you want to partner with.

3. LinkedIn

  • I’d encourage you to keep your profile up to date. Many companies may check out your online presence through their recruiting process.

  • Also it’s a good way for Companies to look for talent as well!

To learn additional tips for your resume, job hunting, and interviewing and more about Coaching, please reach out to chat.

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