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**Job Hunting Tips Alert**

Continuing to share - I was recently on a “Job Hunting During a Pandemic” panel sharing tips on resumes and interviewing based on my experience of reviewing thousands of resumes and conducting hundreds of interviews over my career. Here are 3 additional Job hunting Tips:

1. Don’t Apply for Multiple Positions within a Company (initially)

*If you approach the job hunting process with the intention of applying for anything and everything, then there could be many negative consequences. For example, a Company might not think you are serious or think you don’t know what you want if you apply for multiple open positions within their organization.

*Instead, thoughtfully review the job responsibilities and expectations and apply for the position you feel best aligns with what you want and your career goals…which brings me to the additional points below…

2. What Makes you Tick

*One of the things I have asked people for many years is “what makes you tick?” This is especially important to know while job hunting.

*My recommendation is to think of the 4-5 things that truly “make you tick” about a career - what’s going to make you happiest. I’m sure there are a 100 things you may want but boil it down to those 4-5 things and look for a position and a Company that can deliver on those.

*It’s important to remember that the 4-5 things that make you tick are going to be different from person to person – that’s ok, we are all individual human beings!

3. Know your Career Goals

*If you have a general understanding of your career goals while job hunting, it could help you find open positions that you may be more successful in.

*I’m not talking about saying “I want to have a XYZ title in 5.3 years” or anything. I recommend you think about what skills, responsibilities, and areas you want to grow in and get experience in over a certain amount of time.

To learn additional tips for your resume, job hunting, and interviewing and more about Coaching, please reach out to chat.

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