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Life is inevitably going to bring you stress at some point.

It’s how you manage it that will reveal if you move forward successfully or not. Do you agree?

Let’s think about it…

When stress comes our way, sometimes we may want to crawl under a piece of furniture and avoid it at all costs. But we know this technique isn’t going to work long-term and it sure isn’t going to help us get through it and be successful for the next time we encounter stress. To be successful, we must all find various ways to deal with stress.

Stress Management is 1 of the 5 areas of behavior measured in the EQ-i 2.0 tool and is all about “your ability to be flexible, tolerate stress, and be optimistic. Success in this area means that you are able to remain calm and focused, change direction or beliefs when presented with new evidence, demonstrate resilience, maintain a positive attitude, and constructively withstand adverse events and conflicting emotions without caving in,” according to the book, The EQ Edge.

I look forward to exploring the 3 leadership skills that make up the Stress Management area (Flexibility, Stress Tolerance, & Optimism) in the weeks to come.

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