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**Virtual Interviewing Tips Alert**

Continuing to share - I was recently on a “Job Hunting During a Pandemic” panel sharing tips on resumes and interviewing based on my experience of reviewing thousands of resumes and conducting hundreds of interviews over my career. Here are 3 Virtual Interviewing Tips:

1. Eliminate as many distractions as possible

  • Prepare the space that you’ll be in for your interview as best as you can. If you have a closed off space, try and shut the door if there are other sounds in the house or potential visitors that could wonder in. It’s sometimes cute that the cat walks across the keyboard and accidentally turns off your laptop in the middle of the meeting but if there’s a way to prevent that from happening in the first place, try doing that.

  • Be cognizant of what others can see around you – empty bottles and food lying around may come across that you don’t care about the interview.

  • If you are sitting in front of a window, consider closing the curtain if people may be moving around in the background. Recently, I was participating in a global conference where more people were paying attention to a person fixing a bicycle on the front porch because the speaker didn’t close the curtain.

  • Yes, people have more empathy for these distractions given everything going on but at least try and put in some effort upfront.

2. Lighting

  • I’m sure you’ve heard this one but it could be distracting if you don’t try and make yourself visible for the other person during the interview. Check out things beforehand by turning on your camera and moving around/turning on lights until you’ve got it the best you can.

3. Name for your virtual tool/login

  • This one should be so easy! Make sure your name on the virtual tool name reflects Your Name. Easy, right? BUT some people forget and leave their funny nickname on there that could come across unprofessional.

To learn additional tips for your resume, job hunting, and interviewing and more about Coaching, please reach out to chat.

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