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What’s a tip on building your Emotional Self-Awareness EQ leadership skill?

Let’s think about it…

It depends on how often you use your emotional self-awareness EQ Leadership skills… Before we dive in, lets refresh our memory on what flexing these skills may look like: relating own feelings to appropriate causes; conscious of the impact emotions have on performance and others; uses a large emotional vocabulary; understands own triggers.

To learn more about your own emotional self-awareness, you can take an EQ self-assessment or EQ 360 assessment. With this information, we would have a ton of information to customize a plan to develop your leadership skills.

Tip, generally speaking: if you frequently use your emotional self-awareness skills, then make sure you are not always the first one to comment on what emotion you are sensing. You tend to pick on emotions faster than most people, so learn to ask others what feelings they perceive and see if it differs from your own evaluation.

Tip, generally speaking: if you don’t use your emotional self-awareness skills that often, then record the strongest emotion you experience everyday along with any accompanying thoughts and bodily sensations and information on what made you aware you were experiencing that feeling.

To learn additional tips and tricks on how to enhance your emotional self-awareness and other EQ leadership skills and to learn more about EQ Coaching and EQ assessments, please reach out to chat.


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