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What type of social situations make you feel uncomfortable?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Let’s think about it…

I often hear a wide variety of responses to this question but most commonly, especially with certain groups of professionals, I hear a lot of people are uncomfortable when they are in a large social situation where they have to “network.” Sometimes these individuals say they’d rather stay to themselves or talk with someone they know. I’d like to challenge all of us to stretch outside our comfort zone with this one. Yes, right now, it’s a little different since there aren’t large gatherings/conferences meeting in person but you can still network/socialize with people in virtual settings.

People with high EQs differentiate themselves from the pack and are more successful than those with lower EQs. Building interpersonal relationships (within the Interpersonal behavior measured in the EQ-i 2.0 tool) is a key component to this success. According to the book The EQ Edge, “by interpersonal relationships, we mean the ability to establish and maintain mutually satisfying relationships that are characterized by the ability to both “give” and “take” in relationships, and where trust and compassion are openly expressed in words or by behavior.”

To learn some tips and tricks on how to build your Interpersonal Relationships and to learn more about EQ Coaching, please reach out to chat.

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