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Why Should we Identify Our Cave Points?

Let’s think about it…

If you have ever found yourself caving in on a discussion and not being assertive when you really should have been, you are not alone. A lot of people struggle with being assertive; which lies right in the middle of being passive and aggressive. Being assertive allows your team and others to know where you stand on a decision since you can communicate your feelings, beliefs, and thoughts openly and in a non-destructive manner. Assertiveness can help motivate others to achieve goals and help you obtain adequate resources for effective job performance.

One of the many ways to get stronger in assertiveness is to identify your cave points – what is it about certain situations where you were less assertive than you wish to be? Does it involve certain people being in the room? A certain subject matter that’s being discussed? Do you not have confidence in the subject matter? Once you have identified these situations, you could better prepare for these situations in the future.

👇 Drop a comment – What Cave Points have you Identified when you haven’t been as Assertive as you should have Been?

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