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Why Should we Predict Reactions when Building our Independence?

Let’s think about it…

Have you ever been in a situation where you remained overly tied to what others think? Perhaps you didn’t want to pursue a decision because it could upset someone, or it would create conflict. Whatever the case may be, many people struggle with being independent in their decision making.

Independence is all about being self-directed and free from emotional dependency. This leadership skill shows you are capable of making decisions on your own, you accept responsibility for your decisions, and you collaborate with others to make decisions as appropriate. It’s all a balance…

If you want to get stronger in this crucial leadership area, start with identifying those situations where you battle making an independent situation. Then list possible reactions (both positive and negative) others may have to the decisions you make. When you can predict possible reactions, you are better informed to make your decision free of dependence on others.

👇 Drop a comment – How has predicting other’s reactions helped you when making decisions?

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