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Why should you understand your emotions?

Let’s think about it…

What you are unaware of, you cannot change…This statement is powerful and so true! Have you ever experienced a strong emotion and after the fact wondered where that came from? Or later noticed your jaw was sore because you had been clinching your teeth? These things happen because we’ve experienced some type of emotion(s) and it’s beneficial to understand what triggered them to more easily regulate your behavior and control the impact your emotions are having on those you work with.

A simple way to do this to write down the strongest emotion you experience every day and reflect on the circumstances going on within and around you when they happened. By doing this 1 minute activity daily, you can start to understand your own emotions (i.e. emotional self-awareness) including triggers and patterns allowing you to better prepare for interactions in the future.

👇 Drop a comment – What emotion have you experienced and wondered where it came from?

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