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"You cannot make progress without making decisions." Do you agree?

Let’s think about it…

This quote from author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn is a good reminder that decisions are part of moving yourself and an organization forward. But let’s face it, many people struggle with making effective decisions. Sometimes they don't look at things in an objective light, sometimes they shoot from the hip too often or freeze up and can't find a path forward, or they may not even have a systematic process to think through how to solve a problem in the first place. We know that at some point in your personal and professional lives, you will have to make a decision.

Decision Making is 1 of the 5 areas of behavior measured in the EQ-i 2.0 tool and is all about “your ability to use your emotions in the best way that helps you solve problems and make optimal choices,” according to the book, The EQ Edge. I look forward to exploring the 3 leadership skills that make up the Decision Making area (Problem Solving, Reality Testing, & Impulse Control) in the weeks to come.

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