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Good to Great - Confront the Brutal Facts

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Creating an environment where everyone has an opportunity to bring up questions and ideas without fear of retaliation is something most companies want to have or say they have but, unfortunately, a lot of organizations don’t do what it takes to truly have this environment. In Jim Collins’s book “Good to Great,” he offers 4 basic practices to creating a climate where the truth is heard:

  • Lead with questions, not answers.

  • Engage in dialogue and debate, not coercion.

  • Conduct autopsies, without blame.

  • Build “red flag” mechanisms. (Collins, 2021, pgs.74-78)

So, my question to you:

  • What practices do you follow?

Are you ready to dig into building the skills required to level up from Good to Great? I help Organizations inspire confidence back into their team for innovation and growth. I help Organizations design and implement a system that fosters and protects a strong culture where employees are heard and understood from leadership down. In doing so, individual team members can gain confidence to bravely introduce innovative ideas and grow the company. If you are ready to get started, please reach out to chat.

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