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How do I Develop Empathy?

Let’s think about it…

A lot of people struggle with the concept of empathy because they think it means getting emotional with others… That’s not what empathy is; empathy is all about understanding, appreciating, and articulating another person’s thoughts, feelings, and/or beliefs. It can be about understanding that other person so you can better address their needs… So how can you develop empathy? Some quick tips: listen more, ask open ended questions to understand better (don’t assume/project what you think, ask the other person to really know), and use “you” statements vs. “I” statements. Empathy is a powerful leadership skill crucial for developing teams, building trust, having a successful diversity, equity, and inclusion culture, among many other things. To learn other tips and strategies, please reach out to chat.

👇 Drop a comment – How do you develop your empathy leadership skills?

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