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How do I Get Better at Making Decisions on my Own?

Let’s think about it…

Many people struggle with making independent decisions, especially when they are newer in a role. A lot of the times we over-analyze the situation at hand because we don’t want to make a mistake. We’ve got to let that go! To build our emotional intelligence skill of independence we need to stop the negative self-talk. Look at this as a learning opportunity – write out what’s the worse thing that could happen if I make a mistake. Then consult a couple people/experts as needed, make the best decision you have given what you know, and learn from it if it turns out to be the wrong decision. That’s all we can do… If you are worried about how others will react to the decision, list out some possible positive and negative reactions from a few people, analyze it, and incorporate it to your best ability. To learn other strategies, please reach out to chat.

👇 Drop a comment – How do you get better at being an independent decision maker?

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