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How do I get better at Problem Solving?

Let’s think about it…

So many people ask me this question and there are many tips and strategies you could implement. One of those approaches could be building a roadmap for yourself. Start with thinking about what success looks like – what is the outcome? What is your vision? What objectives do you want to accomplish? Share that with your team / document that “big picture.” Then think about - where are you on the road to achieving success right now? Are you at point A, or somewhere between getting started (point A) and the end (success/your big picture)? Then start thinking about some small steps to take that can get you closer to the end – what could those be? Hold a brainstorming session with your team / or yourself (yes, you can do that I call them whiteboarding sessions) to think about different paths to take… Through this process, you will build your roadmap to success.

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