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Need a Competitive Edge?

Develop Emotional Intelligence Leadership skills to gain yourself and your company a competitive edge in the CPA market.

We know there are thousands of public accounting firms and companies who employ CPAs and other Accounting and Finance professionals. So how can a firm differentiate itself from their competition when most firms offer very similar services? How does a CPA, Accounting, and/or Finance professional stand out with so many people striving for similar positions and promotions?

A competitive edge can be achieved when you focus on increasing your usage of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)! EQ is the ability to understand your emotions and express them in an effective way to:

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses,

  • Build your people skills,

  • Make more effective decisions, and

  • Manage stress through day to day interactions.

These EQ leadership skills are now required in our new world; no longer are the days where just checking the box, or being good in a technical area, or being smart cut it. Clients and prospective employers now expect to have and hire someone who can be more of an advisor and business partner. To be able to adapt into this new role, you need EQ! In fact, EQ is the largest predictor of job success! It is estimated to account for 27 to 45% of job success, depending on the role, while IQ only accounts for an average of 6% of job success!

Additionally, many firms and companies look to grow in the market and, at minimum, sustain or increase their profits. Did you know that research shows EQ being attributed to:

  • Higher sales and better performance,

  • Decreased attrition rates, and even

  • Increased productivity?

There are so many benefits to EQ! Reach out to me to chat about how to implement EQ into your coaching, succession planning, hiring, and/or leadership programs.,


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