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Human leadership is more critical than ever. What do I mean by “human leadership”? Many thoughts and phrases come to my mind including but not limited to: “we are all human”, “authenticity is key”, “no one is perfect”, “what motivates you / what are your values”, “humans are meant to evolve, change, and grow”, “we are not robots, we are human”, “connect with others as a fellow human being”, “lets appreciate each other as a person”, and “wouldn’t it be nice if we just talked with others and really listened to them?” My core values include being authentic and myself and humanizing leadership. Throughout April, I included thoughts around this area through my Quotes, Think about it Thursdays, and Pulse Point – check them out.

Remember no one is perfect; we are all human! Get grounded in your core values and then reflect, learn, and take action to bring a more human side to leadership.

Wishing you a fantastic May!

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