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Happy May Everyone! I hope you enjoyed the discussions about Michael Stanier’s book, “The Advice Trap” this past month; if you aren’t up to date, no worries, check out the Quotes, Think about it Thursdays, and Pulse Point below. I wrote about this topic of staying curious a little bit longer and rush to advice giving a little slower as many people (me included) struggle with this concept from time to time; after all, no one is perfect! The concept of helping develop others through building their critical thinking skills is essential to our people’s growth journey. Also, having a natural curiosity helps you in many facets of life. Quick fun fact – when I’ve interviewed people for my teams in the past, if a candidate didn’t ask a thoughtful question or two during the interview, they would not be considered for the job. Asking thoughtful questions shows your natural curiosity, that you care, and want to understand.

In May, I have some exciting plans including kicking off the month on a Women’s Entrepreneur Retreat in Sedona (with my Ellivate Alliance sisters), working with amazing clients to “feed” and “grow” their #1 assets (their people) through training and coaching, enjoying several family and friends activities, exhibiting and attending the Women Leading Kentucky conference, and of course, saving some time for some self-care! What are you up to this month? As far as what I’m writing about in May, it’ll be all about the qualities for the Ideal Team Player - so, stay tuned!

I look forward to hearing your personal and professional development milestones this month! Please share on social media and reach out to chat if you need anything!




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