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Emotional Intelligence – Happiness Focus

Here’s something to think about it…

Happiness or well-being both contributes to, and is a product of, emotional intelligence. The 4 areas that most impact your happiness are:

  1. Self-Regard – flexing these skills may look like: respecting yourself; understanding your strengths and weaknesses; being self-assured; a willingness to confidently admit mistakes or unfamiliarity with the situation; having a well-developed sense of identity.

  2. Self-Actualization - flexing these skills may look like: motivated to do best; sets inspiring goals; has a full, rich life; passionate and enthusiastic; appears to act with a greater purpose or plan.

  3. Interpersonal Relationships - flexing these skills may look like: ability to establish mutually satisfying relationships; feels at ease in social situations; maintains relationships over time.

  4. Optimism - flexing these skills may look like: having a positive attitude in the face of adversity; feeling confident about the future; or my favorite way of thinking about this area from the Book, The EQ Edge, having the “ability to stop thinking or saying destructive things about yourself and the world around you, especially when you’re suffering personal setbacks.”

So, my question to you:

  • What are you doing to focus on your happiness?

Are you ready to dig into emotional intelligence, employee engagement, and leadership? I am a People Success Strategist who uncomplicates leading humans so that we can inspire confidence back into your team. By tapping into their authentic human leadership potential, we create space for innovation and growth.

We do this through designing and implementing a system that fosters and protects a strong culture where employees are heard and understood from leadership down. In doing so, individual team members can gain confidence to bravely introduce innovative ideas and grow the company.

If you are ready to get started, please reach out to chat:

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