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Human Leadership – Authentic Recognition

Here’s something to think about it…

Recognition, when done right, shows employees that you truly care about them as a person. They aren’t just a number; they aren’t a machine nor a robot. They have value and are valued. So how do you recognize someone? In Gallup and workhuman’s study, “Unleashing the Human Element at Work,” they provide a ton of data and insight into this leadership imperative including The Five Pillars of Recognition. “All recognition matters, from simple, day-to-day “thank-you’s” to companywide awards. But not all recognition is equal. Five factors are critical to driving its impact: Recognition must be fulfilling, authentic, equitable, embedded in the culture and personalized.”

So, my questions to you:

  • What type of recognition did you receive last?

  • When was the last time you authentically recognized someone?

Are you ready to dig into employee engagement and leading fellow humans? I help Organizations inspire confidence back into their team for innovation and growth. I help Organizations design and implement a system that fosters and protects a strong culture where employees are heard and understood from leadership down. In doing so, individual team members can gain confidence to bravely introduce innovative ideas and grow the company. If you are ready to get started, please reach out to chat:

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