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Learning Journey - Take Time for Reflection

Here’s something to think about it…

Reflection is essential in the learning, development, and growth process. Many of us often skip this step because we are “too busy”, maybe we didn’t even know we were supposed to do this, we have to jump into the next thing, etc. Whatever the case is, here’s your reminder that you are worth the reflection time! Reflect on yourself, your business, your role on your team, whatever it is where you are ready to evolve.

I’ve been away at a retreat with my fellow Ellivate Alliance sisters and set my intentions at the beginning of it for Connection, Inspiration, and Reflection; and it feels amazing that I fulfilled all three! Making the time and space for this experience positively impacts me as a whole person which in turn impacts my family, friends, and business.

So, my question to you:

  • When is the last time you took time to reflect?

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