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I hope you enjoyed my thoughts around Melissa Daimler’s book, “Reculturing” through my June Quotes, Think about it Thursdays, and Pulse Point. Running a successful business and team truly takes constant reflection and effort. This book is a must read for any organization who wants to continuously evolve by having their strategy, purpose, and workplace culture in alignment. She defines ReCulturing as “the continuous act of redesigning and reconnecting behaviors, processes, and practices to each other and to the organizational system.” (Daimler, 2022, p.11) Some of you may have also picked up the book… Would love to hear your thoughts!!!

On another note, I hope you are having a wonderful summer so far! I recently came back from a vacation, and it reminds me that everyone needs a break from work to unplug, rest, relax, have fun, and come back clearer and more creative. Would love to hear what you are doing in the summer!!!

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