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Happy March! We are just rocking it through the year, aren’t we? The saying “time flies,” I’ve been feeling that a lot lately. Not sure what that’s all about…but I’m glad you are here with me. I hope you enjoyed the Coaching for Development topic for February; if you aren’t up to date on them, no worries, check out the Quotes, Think about it Thursdays, and Pulse Point below. I wrote about that topic over my birthday month as it’s critical that as a people manager we develop our people and help them build their own critical thinking skills. So often people managers think they are developing their employees but in reality we can be the bottleneck, the answer bank, the advice giver, and so on – all of which don’t help our people cultivate the critical thinking skills that help them grow and don’t help us build out our team’s potential.  

In March, some of the things I plan to do are soak up some sun on a short vacation, watch a lot of college basketball (love March Madness time!), and celebrate my husband’s birthday. What are you up to this month? As far as what I’m writing about this month, it’ll be all about Employee Engagement; without engagement, your department and organization will not thrive. So, stay tuned! 

I look forward to hearing your personal and professional development milestones this month! Please share on social media and reach out to chat if you need anything! 




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