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Goal Setting – Be Specific and Measurable

Here’s something to think about it…

As we’ve learned, creating and writing down SMART goals increases the likelihood of success. So how do we make goals “SMART” – let’s start off with the first 2 letters of the acronym below:

  • Specific: Goals should be clear and well-defined. They should answer the questions: What exactly do you want to achieve? Why is it important? How will you accomplish it?

    • ExampleNot Specific - “Develop better communication skills.”

    • ExampleSpecific – “Attend a communication workshop by the end of the month and apply at least three specific communication techniques in client interactions, as observed by positive feedback and improved client relationships.”

  • Measurable: Goals should be quantifiable and have specific metrics or indicators that allow you to track progress and determine if the goal has been achieved.

    • ExampleNot Measurable - “Implement a targeted email marketing campaign, leading to lead generations."

    • ExampleMeasurable – “Implement a targeted email marketing campaign, leading to a 25% increase in lead generation and a 20% rise in conversion rates within the next four months, with monthly progress assessments to track performance."

So, my question to you:

  • How do you plan to rewrite your goal(s) to include the specific and measurable components?

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